Saturday, October 25, 2014

Madison's Nine Months August 10th 2014

Sevilla, Spain
Weight: 18lbs
Sleeping: We have been traveling since August 26th and ever since we have been traveling she wakes up almost every night crying at about 4am. She takes 2-3 naps in the stroller about 30-45 minutes each. 
Eating: Breastfed morning, mid day and night. She eats 2 solid meals a day and a snack. She now can finger foods and is getting better at feeding herself. 
Likes and Actions: Learned to crawl and can now crawl somewhat fast. Can pull herself up to a standing position while hiding furniture. Can wave bye- bye. When she is in bed with us in the morning the first thing she wants to do is climb on the headboard. Says "Ahhhh.." with a wide open mouth. She flails her arms and kicks her legs and get so excited when shown a new you. Loves playing peek-a-boo and with stuffed animals. She grabs them and pulls them in close to her. 
Dislikes: She fights every time we put her in her stroller and wants to stand up and bounce instead of sitting in her stroller. We end up carrying her around a lot. She does not like being out in confinement. Like when you hug her tightly she struggles to get away. 

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