Saturday, October 25, 2014

Madison's Eight Months July 10th 2014

Brussels, Belgium
Weight: 16.6lbs
Height: 27.2inches
Sleeping: Totally screwed up from a 2 week vacation. Takes 2-3 30 minute naps in the stroller a day, 9pm-7am and occasionally on vacation wakes up at 4 am screaming. 
Eating: Breastfed very 3-4 hours, two solid meals a day. 
Likes and Actions: Baby food puffs, gelato from Papa, pictures with Pryia, smiling at random strangers, she will never sit still, sometimes let's out high pitched screams, big cute gasping "Ah's", learned to say Dada and Mama, she breaths fast and clenches her teeth when she doesn't want some king of food, 
Dislikes: Taking naps, being held down, having her nose picked, having her teeth touched. 
Other Stuff: She had her first 2 teeth come in this month. 

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